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​The boathouse community along the shores of Dundas Marsh has come under siege and young Egypt Fisher is faced with the prospect of losing her home. Members of Hamilton’s City Beautiful Movement have planned a new bridge through their neighbourhood and the boathouses are being destroyed, their owners relocated. Soon, however, it’s clear that politicians and gentrification aren’t the only threats to Egypt’s paradise. At first Egypt is thrilled to have her family reunited when her father, Ray, suddenly returns after a mysterious six-year absence. But Ray Fisher has demons, and his wife, Laura, has secrets. Together, they turn the Fisher house into an emotional tinderbox, and when handsome Matt Oakes drifts into town, he could be just the spark to ignite it.

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When a mysterious schooner blows into the little town of Kenomee, tongue start wagging. Like the other villagers gathered at the wharf, Hetty Douglas can't help but be fascinated by the Esmerelda and her ragtag crew. Suffocating in a marriage of convenience and tormented by memories of the Halifax Explosion, Hetty falls under the spell of an exotic female pirate. So does Noble Matheson, who has seen enough to draw his own conclusions. A compelling story of 20th-century piracy, this compelling, fast-paced novel explore the complex struggle for freedom against a background of passion and repression.

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​In Tent of Blue, Rachael Preston alternates between the dying days of English music hall and Vancouver in 1952 to tell the stories of Yvonne and her son Anton. Both are imprisoned. Yvonne by emotional ties to her abusive mother and, later, to a brutal impresario, and Anton by his disability and his mother's misery. Tent of Blue is a story of captivity and escape, of discovering the strength to fight back against the world and seize freedom.



​This unconventional and fun anthology brings together poems, short stories, essays, and drama excerpts from writers across Canada to tell the comical, powerful, tender, sexy, and sometimes tragic tales about their ginger tresses.

Rachael's short story is called "Once a Redhead."

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